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Course Overview

Our Big Data Hadoop certification training course lets you master the concepts of the Hadoop framework, Big Data tools, and methodologies to prepare you for success in your role as a Big Data Developer. Learn how various components of the Hadoop ecosystem fit into the Big Data processing lifecycle.

The Big Data Hadoop certification training is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of the Big Data framework using Hadoop and Spark. In this hands-on Hadoop course, you will execute real-life, industry-based projects using Integrated Lab.

Big data and Hadoop course has been especially designed by a team of the extremely qualified as well as experienced industry professionals to present in-depth knowledge, skills and practices to the learner to become a flourishing Hadoop developer.Big Data Hadoop Certification Training from our institute equips you with essential skills and practices on the Hadoop concept. The entire course of study covers all topics that are necessary for the acquisition of expertise and experience in Hadoop ecosystem to an oversized extent.


Upskilling in Big Data and Analytics field is a smart career decision. According to Allied Market Research, the global Hadoop market will reach $84.6 Billion by 2021 and there is a shortage of 1.4-1.9 million Hadoop data analysts in the U.S. alone.

After the successful completion of the Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification Training course at our firm, you will be finished and self-reliant with the following:

  • Master of understanding the concept of the large data & Hadoop framework.
  • Acquire in-depth to understanding with many other varieties of data that store in huge data & Hadoop.
  • Understanding the strategies on how to big data & Hadoop deployment in a very cluster environment and infrastructure.
  • Master the core and advanced concepts of the Hadoop Ecosystem, including HDFS & Map- Reduce frameworks.
  • Learn to write complex Map Reduce programs.
  • Get hands-on experience in setting up a Hadoop cluster.
  • Master with distinct alternative components of Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Performer Data Analytics using PIG & HIVE.
  • A really good understanding of Zookeeper service like Naming, Maintain Configuration information, providing Distributed Synchronization Services.
  • Best implementation of Hadoop project.


Big Data Hadoop certification training online course is best suited for IT, data management, and analytics professionals looking to gain expertise in Big Data Hadoop, including Software Developers and Architects, Analytics Professionals, Senior IT professionals, Testing and Mainframe Professionals, Data Management Professionals, Business Intelligence Professionals, Project Managers, Aspiring Data Scientists, Graduates looking to begin a career in Big Data Analytics


Professionals entering into Big Data Hadoop certification training should have a basic understanding of Core Java and SQL. If you wish to brush up your Core Java skills, Plinth Learning offers a complimentary self-paced course Java essentials for Hadoop when you enroll for this course.


Que:1 What are the System Requirements?

Ans: To run Hadoop, your system must fulfill the following requirements:

  • 64-bit Operating System
  • 8GB RAM
  • We will help you to set up a Virtual Machine with local access.

Que:2 What are the modes of the training offered for this course ?

Ans: We offer a flexible set of options:

  • Live Virtual Classroom or Online Classroom: Attend the course remotely from your desktop via video conferencing for better productivity and to reduce the time spent away from work or home.
  • Online Self-learning: Watch lecture videos online at your own pace.


Que:3 Who is a Hadoop Administrator?

Ans: A Hadoop Administrator  manages and administers the Hadoop clusters and all other resources throughout the Hadoop ecosystem. The job of a Hadoop Administrator is not visible to end-users.

Que:4 Can I cancel my enrollment ? Will I get a refund?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee.


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