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The following article will discuss an important topic that is “60 PMI PDU” and we will talk about it in more details within the article:


1. 100% aligned to PMI Talent Triangle of latest PMI CCRS requirement effective from 01 Dec 2015. This course is designed for PMP/PgMP/PfMP who want to earn 60 PDUs to renew PMP certificate effectively and efficiently with best price!
2. The elaborate guideline of PDU Claim Submission to PMI is available at the end of this course. It takes you less than one minute to complete PDU Claim Submission to PMI and renew your PMP certificate quickly and simply.
3. You will straight off receive user id to access the course after you enroll. Your login access are going to be valid for unlimited amount of time, however you will earn 60 PDUs certificateas soon as you end all lessons.
4. Our online courses have proved their worldwide acceptance and reputation by being the selection of project management professionals in 168 countries.

           MAIN OBJECTIVE OF 60 PDU’S:

 The minute you pass your PMP exam, you will have to work towards the CCR (Continuing Certification Requirements) program to maintain your PMP credential and an active certification status. Each PMP certification cycle lasts for a total of 3 years throughout which you may need to earn a total of 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) to renew your certification at the very end of the cycle. Once you have successfully completed one cycle, another new 3 year cycle begins



Education PDUs:

  1. This category now requires 60% of the PDUs emphasizing or highlighting on the employer demanded skills
    • These PDUs will be aligned with the PMI triangle
    • There is now a minimum number of PDUs that need to be earned under the three categories of the triangle

The Education category requires a max of 35 PDUs to be earned by a skilled professional to maintain the PMP credential. The break-down of these PDUs are as follows:’

  1. A minimum of 8 PDUs have to be earned – under the Technical Project Management
    • Under Leadership – A minimum of 8 PDUs have to be earned
    • And finally a minimum of 8 PDUs have to be earned – under Strategic and Business Management

Once each of the sections or fields are filled, the remaining PDUs can be earned under any of the three sections or choices.


We know what you are probably thinking: how to earn 60 PDUs for PMP recertification? Because your PMP certificate is in good standing in 3-year cycle and 60 PDUs is required to extend your PMP certificate 3 more years. We designed a training course issuing 60 PDUs to meet this continuing education requirement. It’s ONLINE, FAST, CHEAP, UP-TO-DATE and HELPFUL.
Here, we are giving you a detail perspective on how to earn 60 PMI PDU’s and maintain your PMP certification. After every 3 years, a licensed or certified PMP professional must renew their credentials.
A PMP professional is required to have earned 60 PMI PDU’s during these three years. We often get several queries related to PDUs, how do we earn 60 PMI PDU’s? And is it very expensive, etc. After Dec 2015 CCR changes, the ways of earning PDUs became easier and versatile. And you can select them as per your interest and desires of your profession.
Before getting into the details of simple ways of earning PDUs, we would like to highlight some of the key points in earning PDUs.

  • According to the PMI’s CCR, you are required to earn at-least 35 PDUs under Education category.
  • The good news is that you can choose to earn all of your60 PMI PDU’s from any one of the Education categories.
  • Here key point to remember that PDUs earned under education category are mapped with the three dimensions of the Talent Triangle. These are the skills which are important to be successful in the project management.
  • If your learnings activities for the PDUs belongs to the Team Development helps in achieving the project goal. You need to map them in “Leadership” category.
  • If these are related with the method or process, tools & techniques assist in the aligning project with the strategic goal, you need to map them in “Strategic” category.
  • In case, you’re learning activities belong to the areas of project management according to the “content outline of PMP certification”, map them in “Technical” category of Talent Triangle.
  • You can earn one PDU for every hour you spend in learnings related to PDUs earnings.


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